Reasons to Invest in Denver Real Estate


Denver has long been praised for its great standard of living and beautiful surroundings. But in recent years, the city’s tech community has flourished, adding to the allure of Denver. In fact, in terms of quality of life and job opportunities, the U.S. News Report placed Denver as the second-best location to live in the…

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Best Areas to Invest in Denver

real estate investing in denver

Investing in real estate offers a multitude of benefits and opportunities. As an investor, your first goal should be to assess your real estate investment objectives and which Denver neighborhoods can help you achieve them. The expanding economy of Denver continues to draw tourists and workers to the city. Denver is ranked first among the…

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Top Tips When Buying Investment Property in Denver

Are you thinking of buying an investment property in Denver, CO? Denver has shown unwavering signs of rapid growth through the years among metro areas in the US. It also earns a spot in the top ten areas that delivers high quality of life. It’s no surprise then that a lot of prospective real estate…

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Breaking a Lease in Denver, CO – Know the Laws

breaking a lease

A lease legally ties a landlord to a tenant for a specific period of time, as stated on the lease. Often, this period ranges from between six months and a year, and during this entire time, both parties must abide by all the terms of this agreement. But Colorado tenants can break their lease for…

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A Guide to the Eviction Process in Denver, Colorado

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A tenant has an obligation to abide by all terms of the lease. Such as paying rent on time, abiding by the rental policies, caring for the premises, and using the premises for rightful purposes. While most tenants you rent to in Colorado will often cooperate fully, some won’t. And when worse comes to worst,…

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Colorado Security Deposit Laws

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Colorado security deposit law regarding security deposits is set up to protect both landlords and tenants through the storage and use of a security deposit. So, as a landlord, you must follow these rules whenever you ask for a security deposit from your tenants. With this in mind, we at Whole PM have put together…

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The Ultimate Move-out Cleaning Checklist for Tenants

The rental home or apartment you’ve been living in the last 12 months is finally empty. You’ve boxed up your stuff, loaded the moving truck, transferred your internet, and are about to lock up. But wait, the most tedious task still has to be checked off your moving to-do list. That is cleaning. Forgetting this…

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Colorado Rental Laws – An Overview of Landlord-Tenant Rights in Denver

denver landlord-tenant law

In Colorado, lease agreements between landlords and tenants can take two different forms: oral or written. Once the agreement has been established, both parties obtain certain rights and responsibilities under Colorados Landlord-Tenant Law (C.R.S. Title 38, Art. 12). Whether you’ve just broken into being a landlord or you are a seasoned real estate investor, you…

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