How to Maintain Your Rental Property

how to maintain your rental property

Attracting long-term tenants to your rental space requires excellent upkeep of your property. To make your unit habitable, there are regular maintenance tasks you must perform. Properly maintaining your rental also makes it easy to find potential tenants when one of your renters moves out. With regular maintenance, your unit also goes through less wear…

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Guide to Making a Solid Lease Agreement For Your Rental Property

guide to making a solid lease agreement for your rental property

In order to reduce future disputes and outline the terms of the agreement, it’s a good practice for landlords to have tenants sign a lease agreement before they allow them to reside on their property. This ensures that both parties are in full agreement with the rental terms and conditions. What Is a Lease? A…

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Tips to Prevent Tenant Damages to Your Rental Property

tips to prevent tenant damages to your rental property

Are you a landlord struggling to keep your rental property in good condition? If so, you’re not alone! Tenant damages are one of the most common problems faced by landlords, and they can quickly become a major headache. The good news is that there are some simple steps you can take to protect your rental.That’s…

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Is a Month to Month Lease Better for Landlords?

is a month to month lease better for landlords

Are you a landlord exploring the different lease options for your rental property? If so, then it’s important to understand the unique benefits of establishing a month-to-month lease.  Month-to-month leases provide more flexibility and allow landlords to respond quickly when dealing with vacancies or unexpected maintenance needs.  In this blog post, we’ll discuss how month-to-month…

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Top Tenant Complaints and How to Solve Them

top tenant complaints and how to solve them

No matter how great the rental property or how experienced the landlord is, tenant complaints and property issues are to be expected. How you respond to the tenant complaints will set the tone of your tenant-landlord relationship. Choosing to delay the resolution of a problem or completely forgetting about it can sever whatever connection you…

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Risks of Having a Vacant Rental Property

Risks of having a vacant rental property

Being a landlord can be fulfilling, but it comes with its own challenges. Those challenges include dealing with vacant units. Occasionally, it happens that a tenant moves out before you find someone to occupy the rental space. Properly marketing the rental is important, but if you take too much time the unit becomes susceptible to…

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​​Pricing Your Denver Home to Rent

Pricing Your Denver Home to Rent

One of the crucial things you need to decide on before marketing your Denver rental home is the rent price. The price of your rental home greatly affects your rental income. When you rent out your home, it is important to choose the right price for your rental home.  An accurate rent fee helps competitively…

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A Quick Guide to Effective Tenant Screening in Denver

A Quick Guide to Effective Tenant Screening in Denver

After attracting potential tenants with the advertisement for your Denver rental unit, you need to consider who you want to live there.  It’s vital for landlords to screen potential tenants in their Denver rental property to ensure a responsible tenant. If you skip this process, you might end up with problematic renters. To reduce the…

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How to Advertise Your Denver Rental Property Successfully


As a property investor, one of your primary responsibilities is to market your rental property. This allows you to fill vacancies in your rental property more quickly while at the same time, attracting tenants who are reliable if you market your rental property effectively. A lot of people are under the impression that doing marketing…

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Best Renovations for Your Rental Property


A vacant unit can be a source of stress for landlords. Not only is your income reduced, but you also still need to perform the maintenance tasks, and security tasks and prepare it for property showings. Tenants will complain if you do not perform maintenance. To save yourself from spending further on marketing and maintenance,…

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