Best Areas to Invest in Denver

real estate investing in denver

Investing in real estate offers a multitude of benefits and opportunities. As an investor, your first goal should be to assess your real estate investment objectives and which Denver neighborhoods can help you achieve them.

The expanding economy of Denver continues to draw tourists and workers to the city. Denver is ranked first among the most competitive housing markets in the nation. To help you make a decision, we at Whole Property Management have used our in-depth knowledge gained from years of successful property management to make a list of Denver communities to consider for your investment venture.

Best Denver Neighborhoods to Invest In

Hampden South

Hampden South, which is close to the Denver Tech Center, is still among the most affordable neighborhoods in the area. There are several nearby quiet green spaces perfect for those who love the outdoors, and the neighborhood is tranquil. State parks are nearby, with some of the most beautiful mountain-range views. 

Despite being only ten miles from the city center, the neighborhood has access to light rail. It is a short drive from Centennial and roughly an hour from lovely Colorado Springs. This means that professionals who travel from outside the city also benefit from the short commute times. 

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Many invest here because of the excellent schools, reasonably priced housing, and vast green places like Cherry Creek State Park. A classic suburban ambiance in the region also accompanies affordable costs. Shopping and other tasks can be completed conveniently thanks to strip malls and box retailers. The convenience and affordability of the area make it an excellent investment option.

West Colfax

West Colfax has numerous single-family homes, condominiums, and businesses. Despite a wave of renovation, this historic neighborhood hasn’t lost its charm. One of Denver, Colorado’s newest artist’s neighborhoods is presently located there thanks in part to the affordability in the area.

A sizable portion of residents in West Colfax are renters meaning investors will already have a tenant pool to work with. Denver’s downtown area is also only twenty minutes away making it a very accessible alternative to city living. What’s more, the rental properties on West Colfax are more affordable than those in Downtown Denver drawing in more renters to the area. 

Many people migrate here since apartments can be found at lower prices. This is a wonderful location for real estate investors who wish to see a large increase over time. It’s also one of the best options for those looking to profit from the short-term rental market.

Best areas for Denver real estate investing

Congress Park

Congress Park has one of Denver’s greatest approval ratings. In recent years, elegant eateries and stores have come to the region, making it a great spot for families and young professionals. Newcomers adore the classic architecture and the top-notch schools that are available as well.


Driving time from the Gateway Green Valley Ranch community to downtown Denver is thirty minutes. This area of Denver is considered to be among the finest locations to live. Penia Boulevard borders the community’s western side, and Highway 70 is only a few kilometers to the south.

What makes Gateway, CO great is its suburban feel with close proximity to the downtown hub. You can target families and professionals looking for a quiet suburban lifestyle as they’ll still have easy access to major cities. 

Mar Lee

Mar Lee is a typical southwest Denver neighborhood like Ruby Hill, Athmar, or Westwood. In this neighborhood, there are many eateries, coffee shops, and parks. What’s more, it has fantastic nightlife. You’ll discover that young couples and singles make up most of the rental market in the area. This is one of the best locations to purchase Denver investment properties. 

Glenwood Springs

Glenwood Springs, Colorado, offers an excellent investment opportunity. On Interstate 70, Glenwood Springs is a picturesque region three hours west of Denver. It’s a resort city in Colorado that is most known for its hot springs and other natural amenities.

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The Colorado River runs alongside Glenwood Springs and more than a dozen natural springs can be found nearby. Spas, lakes, and natural steam baths are all over the place. It provides outdoor activities all year long. This draws both tourists and new inhabitants providing several renter demographics for investors to choose from.


One of the top neighborhoods in Denver to purchase an investment property in is Rosedale. It’s a quiet green area in south Denver with parks, stores, and eateries. The area is considered serene. Most homes in the area are close to a bus stop making it a very accessible region for people to live in.

The suburban-like region has witnessed an increase in new apartment buildings because it is only a 20-minute drive from downtown. Due to these developments, there are higher-end properties in this region. What’s more, Rosedale’s proximity to Porter Adventist Hospital and sizable parks like Harvard Gulch Park has resulted in this region being appealing to many people’s renter demographics.


Denver’s real estate market has been steadily rising for years. Many of its neighborhoods are perfect for real estate investors because they provide large renter demographics and appreciation in property values. Whatever your investment goals may be, you’ll have no trouble finding a region that helps you achieve them.

Whole Property Management is your best choice if you’re looking for property management in Denver, Colorado. To assist you in achieving your long-term real estate goals, turn to our team of specialists. We take pride in having a solid reputation in the community and look forward to helping you gain peace of mind!